Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Organization INFLUX Debut

We attended the opening of INFLUX at the Kiva Courtyard by 5th and Wine Restaurant (they catered and the food was topnotch)( This organization arose from storefront owners allowing artists to set-up pop up galleries in Old Town Scottsdale. Several pop up galleries have been open all summer. INFLUX obtained $25,000 funding for 5 artists/pop up galleries. The public was invited to vote for their choice of the five selected. One artist who had already received funding had her opening last night. Her art was giant flowers made of fabric and paint. Very colorful.

We left the event and went to browse some of the pop up gallery. We wandered into painter Brian Drake's gallery ( It turns out that Drake was the first artist to have a pop up gallery. He spent a great deal of time with us sharing info about painting, paints and how tos. His sharing was really appreciated as my daughter is an upcoming artist. It was nice to meet an artist who was so open about techniques and how to info.
I apologize for not having more pictures but my camera's battery went down.

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