Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cornel West at North High School in Phoenix

I attended the program at North High School that featured Black author and Philosopher Cornel West. He was a usual an excellent speaker but he failed to realize how he was being used.

What was interesting was how several of the speakers from the Mexican community referenced the Spanish American War. They spoke as if Arizona was still part of Mexico. One elder even went so far as to talk against people from the Midwest, as if the Midwest and Arizona were not both in the same country. That is the crux of the issue that people, including the President , who do not live in a border state are failing to realize. Mexicans want to act as if Arizona is still part of Mexico, they do not feel they are bound by American law and that our border here does not apply to them.

The organization that put on the event obviously wanted to tie illegal immigration to the slavery/civil rights issues of Blacks. There is no comparison. We did not come over here voluntarily and we have no country to return to. For the geography challenged, Africa is a continent not a country.

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