Monday, January 25, 2010

Five Dollars a month to any organization you choose

I know all eyes are on Haiti and yes they need our help. Remember there are  organizations right here that are gettig the job done a $5.00 donation once a month doesn't hurt anyone. What's that a latte? If a 1000 of us donated that $5.00 on a regular basis then these small organizations that are getting the job done can continue. Heck take $25.00 a month and spread it around. Start your kids in the habit of giving by having them make a $5.00 donation once a month, its a great feeling and a wonderful habit to teach them when they are young.

During Hurricane Katrina we donated a BILLION Dollars to the Red Cross. Have you heard anything else about it?

Here are three great organizations that know how to stretch a dollar. Domestic Violence Shelter in Georgia. This lady had been working in the DV movement for years way before it become popular.
        Food Bank in Phoenix, Arizona   The food bank was started out of this lady's livingroom because she saw a need and felt she had to do something.  This organization should be copied around the country. They provide support for single moms with cancer.

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